About us

The Centre for the Defence of Human rights and Democracy (CDHD) is a not for profit organisation created in 2004 in South Africa by five human rights activists. Though created in South Africa, CDHD's activities were oriented to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2011 CDHD decided to move permanently to the DRC. This decision was justified by the recurrence and aggravation of political and social crisis in the DRC. It was important for the organization to mark its presence permanently in the DRC and become an eyewitness of political and human rights events as they occur regularly.

During three years of work, CDHD has strived to promote democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo which constitutes a tough environment for NGOs to operate in. CDHD has been relying on international solidarity to offer the best it can and rely on different international institutions and individuals to accomplish its mission of promoting human rights and democracy.



CDHD strives to:

  • promote political and civil rights that constitute the foundation for a democartic nation where social expansion is better fulfilled;
  • engage into nation building through the promotion of socioeconomic rights that ensure social justice and human development  



CDHD works on strengthening democracy and promoting human rights in Congo. The organization’s approaches to democracy include research, institutional capacity building, networking with other institutions. Programs focus on civil rights and business and human rights.

To date CDHD’s major achievements comprise support for a democratic election system in Congo, working on government reforms, organizing civic education and doing advocacy, successful monitoring on corporations and human rights. Guaranteeing free and fair elections has been one of CDHD’s priorities. In this regards CDHD promotes electoral transparency by monitoring Congolese elections at all levels and organizes trainings and workshops for NGOs and the public on elections and the consolidation of democracy.

CDHD offers experts analysis on elections system by assessing the electoral framework that includes all related entities and factors. The organization works with public and private institutions to promote democratic governance and human rights by providing policy advices and participating in democratic State’s reforms wherever possible.

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